ONLINE RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2016, Vienna/AUT

Debut soul-pop maxi-EP „ONE“

Diversified songs with a very distinctive message and voice to uplift the listener.

Born in 1986 and based in Vienna, Gianna is an european singer and musician with african roots. She has over 15 years of experience in intimate home studios as well as in top notch studios. Her first single „Heart“ was released in May 2015 as a collaboration with Caesar Caesar Rec. (NY). The good artistic connection led to further recordings in NY and what was supposed to be a EP of 4 songs became „ONE“- a maxi-EP of 7 songs with her distinctive, unique, soul-pop flavour.

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„ONE“ is her biggest and most authentic compilation of songs to be released so far. All lyrics and vocal arrangements are written by her as she was involved in every step of the process from production, mixing and mastering to the artwork. Besides that she scripted, composed, produced and cut the music video to SMILE, one of the main songs on the EP.

She toured big stages internationally performing with different bands and has established her self as a studio singer and speaker for TV/Radio jingles, advertisement and featured on several releases. That broad scope shaped her development as an artist and in 2015 she started putting the pieces together as „Gianna“.

„The Intension to speak pure, while still learning. To serve as an artist while developing and to share that experience.“

Commercial music nowadays is often promoting a rather careless „yolo“ lifestyle that seems to be emotionally detached, to distract yourself, to easily replace others, to do what you want because it seems not to matter anyhow. Materialism, oversexualisation. Neurotizism.

Giannas message is very contrary to that. She believes that it does matter, that what you feel is what you grow from. That our lifestyle has direct impact. Everyone creates reality. That caring and loving are most important for all of us to survive and that we all share the same blood but are just struggling with illusions. That exactly this life is the moment where you can plant good seeds, purify and evolve.

In the meantime Gianna is busy producing her first album where she will show much more of her colors. She is not sticking to any genre and is expressing herself very intuitively. The debut album is expected end of 2017.

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Sincerely yours, Gianna


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